Sunday, June 17, 2018

Crypt of Morgrath is Pay What You Want

Crypt of Morgrath is a short Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure easily adaptable to other classic fantasy games. At only six pages, it’s the perfect size for one-shots, convention slots, or pick-up games! The adventure is designed for a party of 4-6 1st level heroes with a variety of talents and skills. Magic of both flavors will certainly help the party, but isn’t necessary. Crypt of Morgrath can also work as a funnel adventure for a larger group with few changes required.

And dig on this, it's Pay What You Want!

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Crepuscular Issue #1: Sanctum of the Snail

Crepuscular Issue #1
Sanctum of the Snail

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48 Pages! Written and illustrated by Joshua LH Burnett

Within this issue of Crepuscular you'll find:
  • Sanctum of the Snail: a 0-level funnel adventure!
  • Blorgamorg, the Chthonic Snail: a new patron, complete with spells!
  • New magic items!
  • The adventures of Moonblossom & Chance!
  • 30 NPC henchmen for hire!
Sanctum of the Snail
It was a fairly pleasant trip until the storm hit. Your ship sank, and now you and the other survivors--peasants, pilgrims, and gongfarmers--are stuck on this jagged spire in the middle of the ocean. The storm rages all around you while monsters crawl out of the sea. It looks like the only way off this rock is down through that weird door. Who will live and who will die in this 0-level funnel adventure?